DVD_BigBiggerBiggestSkywheel[DVD: Special Broadcasting Service Corporation – 2009 – 500 mins]. (Ten 50-minute programmes on three disks). ‘Skywheel’ reveals the technological leaps that have enabled the world’s largest (165m) observation wheel – the Singapore Flyer – to be built. It can whisk 1,260 passengers around hourly to see a stunning 45km panorama. The film explores a number of landmark observation wheels: the original Ferris Wheel of 1893, Earl’s Court Gigantic, London Eye and the Star of Nanchang – that each feature a major technological innovation that contributed to the construction of the Singapore Flyer. (Programme: 1= Submarine, 2= Dam, 3= Space Station, 4= Cruise Ship, 5= Tunnel, 6= Telescope, 7= Aircraft, 8= Oil Rig, 9= Dome, 10= Skywheel). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Most informative and entertaining. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.