BayShorePark[Book: Victoria Crenson, illustrated by Bryn Barnard – 1995 – 21x26cm – 46 Pages – Many B&W and colour illustrations]. “Bay Shore Park: The Death and Life of an Amusement Park.” How does a bustling amusement park become a busy natural habitat for trees, birds, insects, even a raccoon? Bay Shore Park (Baltimore, Maryland) had been around since nearly the turn of the 20th century, loved by young and old alike for its excitement and charm. In 1947, the park closed, and its big iron gates were locked up to keep trespassers out. But gates are not strong enough to keep nature out. Little by little, over many years, Bay Shore Park became a home for an amazing variety of plants and animals. Watch its life burst forth on the pages of this book. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Poor / Fair.