BoF060[Magazine Vol.15/No.4: Fall 2015. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors – the latest news from the haunt industry +this is the final issue of Barrel O’ Fun… …and there is no more Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts! Essentials of Haunt Acting – Sarah ‘Whiplash’ Black discusses Castle Blood’s recruitment process. Howl-O-Scream – Busch Gardens Williamsburg (a 3-page feature). A Peek at Mysterious Mansion – Gatlinburg’s ‘oldest and scariest haunted house’. Camden Park’s Haunted House Pretzel Ride. Munich Oktoberfest (a 6-page feature). A Sally Darkride V – how we do it in five acts (a 3-page insight). Ads from the past (Pretzel’s new 2-story “double decker” dark ride). DAFE discounts. [Front cover: “Born in the dark. Lived in the dark. Faded into the dark: RIP Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts 2000–2015.” Back cover: Patent from the past “Funhouse Barrel” applied for 1907 / granted 1908]. [visit DAFE]