BoF053[Magazine Vol.14/No.1: Winter 2014. 22x28cm – 24 Pages – Many colour photos and illustrations]. Chapter Points: News and rumors (6 pages: +Raven Sun Creative and Maurer Söhne’s “Saturn V” darkride). IAAPA 2013 convention report. My life as Spidora (Spidora: illusion depicting a woman with the body of a spider). Legends – A Haunting in Old Town (4 pages: including an interview with Archibald Ashdown, the proprietor of Ashdown & Sons undertakers). The Mine of Lost Souls (a 2-page insight into Canobie Lake Park’s darkride). The Great Humbug Adventure (a report on the Santa’s Village darkride). Fun Pier’s Castle of Frankenstein (from 1973 to 1976). DAFE discounts. [Front cover: John Wood, CEO of Sally Corp. (who was recently inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame). Back cover: Patent from the past “Amusement Device” (James Gwinnett’s rotating/tilting movie theatre platform to accentuate on-screen images, e.g. an aircraft banking or boat listing) applied for 1928 / granted 1931]. [visit DAFE]