DVD_Achterbahnen1[DVD: cmv-Laservision Berlin – 1994 – 65 mins]. Take a wild tour of the most exciting coasters in the U.S. with effervescent hosts Eric Boardman and Lisa Williams. Ride the nostalgic woodies and the newest gut-wrenching tubular steel giants. Features: Viper (Six Flags Magic Mountain); Mean Streak (Cedar Point); Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point); Raptor (Cedar Point); Beast (Paramount’s Kings Island); Top Gun (Paramount’s Great America); Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas); Batman-The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain); Kumba (Busch Gardens Florida); Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens Virginia); Drachen Fire (Busch Gardens Virginia); Thunderbolt (Kennywood); Steel Phantom (Kennywood); Cyclone (Coney Island New York). With contributions from Ron Toomer of Arrow Dynamics. (select German or English narration). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Originally released as “America’s Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills,” there’s no 3-D effect here. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.