VHS_AmericasCoasterThrills2[VHS: Goldhil Video – 1996 – 75 mins]. Get ready for the newest, highest and fastest roller coaster action in America with the latest and greatest scream machines in the nation! Brace yourself for edge of your seat excitement! Features: Comet (The Great Escape); Great Nor’Easter (Morey’s Pier, New Jersey); Great White (Morey’s Pier, New Jersey); Grizzly (Paramount’s Kings Dominion); High Roller (Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas); Jack Rabbit (Kennywood); Loch Ness Monster (Busch Gardens Virginia); Mantis (Cedar Point); Montu (Busch Gardens Florida); Outer Limits Flight of Fear (Paramount’s Kings Dominion); Phoenix (Knoebels); Raven (Holiday World); Timber Wolf (Worlds of Fun); Wild Thing (Valleyfair!). Two pairs of 3-D glasses are provided. (Also available on DVD). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Even with the enclosed glasses, there is no 3-D effect. A nice enough programme, if a bit laboured. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.