GuideToRide[Book: American Coaster Enthusiasts – 1991 – 21x28cm – 66 Pages – Many colour photos]. Want to plunge a suicidal twenty storeys and live to laugh about it? Race at 80mph and not risk arrest? Swoop above the treetops, rocket skyward at more than 6 Gs, barnstorm through loop -the- loops or plunge insanely through a storm’s vortex? On a coaster, you can do it all. Roller coasters are the single most popular ride ever. They’re taller, faster, meaner and wilder than any other. They’re the ultimate amusement attraction. This is your guide to the roller coasters of North America, Canada and Mexico. Features: Historical Tidbits; Fun Trivia; Ride Descriptions; Complete Statistics; Fan Favourites and Coaster Classics. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.