AmericanCinematographer[Book: American Cinematographer – 1977 – 22x30cm – 100 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. Features a 16-page article about the making of the 1977 movie: “Rollercoaster.” Includes an interview with director James Goldstone who discusses the staging of stunts and shooting various scenes. “Recording ‘Rollercoaster’ Sound in Sensurround” (by Robert Leonard – Sound Engineer). “Mixing ‘Rollercoaster’ Sound for Sensurround” (by Robert L. Hoyt – Re-recording Supervisor). “The Photography of ‘Rollercoaster’” (by David Walsh – Director of Photography) features behind-the-scenes images of the rides, camera rigging, crew, film stills, etc. “Along For The Ride” (by Leslie Goldman – Documentary Director of Photography)… for the crew, shooting “The Behind-The-Scenes of The Making of ‘Rollercoaster’” was almost as exciting as the main action! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.