AmazingAmusementParkStories[Book: Nathaniel Tolle – 2015 – 15x23cm – 168 Pages]. The stuff that’s not supposed to happen at amusement parks is often more amazing than the stuff that does. Death and dismemberment. World records and walks of shame. Civil rights and creepy rides. Melees and marriages. Sex, cockroaches, evangelists – you won’t believe your eyes! From Disneyland to Dogpatch USA, this book details the strangest, the silliest, the spookiest, the most amazing amusement park stories – all of them true! Chapter Points: Introduction. PART ONE: The Heart-Warmers – Making the Long Journey to the Front of the Line (details 17 heart-warming amusement park stories). PART TWO: The Head-Scratchers – It’s a Strange World, After All (details 17 bewildering amusement park stories). PART THREE: The Soul-Suckers – When the Cotton Candy Clouds Turned Dark (details 12 tragic amusement park stories). PART FOUR: The Gut-Busters – Putting the Amuse in Amusement Parks (details 10 amusing amusement park stories). Sources; Acknowledgments; About the Author; More Books from Theme Park Press. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.