CaliforniaThemeParks[Book: Alex Miller & Bryce Walker – 2010 – 22x28cm – 128 Pages – Full colour]. Discover how these magical theme parks came to be, and read the little-known secrets that make them such memorable landmarks. Chapter Points: About the Authors; Foreword (Charles Canfield); Adventure City; Belmont Park; California’s Great America; Castle Park; Children’s Fairyland; Disneyland Park; Disney’s California Adventure Park; Funderland; Gilroy Gardens; Knott’s Berry Farm; Legoland; Pacific Park; Pixieland Amusement Park; Rotary Storyland and Playland; Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; Scandia Amusement Park; SeaWorld San Diego; Six Flags Discovery Kingdom; Six Flags Magic Mountain; Universal Studios Hollywood; Timeline. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.

  • Dave Collins

    Here is my review entitled, ” All-around Theme Park Book for All Ages”:

    Equal Detail (5 out of 5)–Alex does a very good job in covering each park with equal attention to detail given to each park. Each park that is covered in the book has only 4-6 pages in length. Most other roller coaster/theme park books tend to sometimes be biased toward a specific park or roller coaster, which is why they get more coverage and may not seem favorable to the general audience. However, this book is impressive with being neutral in covering each park equally!

    Pictorial Quality (5 out of 5)–Bryce, the photographer, does an amazing job with photographing each park. An amazing amount of pictures are used throughout the book on every page, and is perfect for all ages. Those that are of special importance are the parks possibly not usually known by people outside of California (e.g., Children’s Fairyland, Pixieland, Rotary Storyland and Playland, etc.) who rarely get to see the smaller parks. Also, no on-ride photos are present, which is a much safer, better photo quality option, and a very appropriate option when photographing rides for a general audience, which serves this purpose quite well!

    Appropriate Length, Content, Accuracy, and Language (5 out of 5)–Alex does extremely well in keeping the book an appropriate length that is suitable for all ages. The historical content is very good. It is not covered in great detail, which helps to keep the reader engaged. Also, Alex does very well in conversing about each park equally, and he highlights specific details about each park. The language is very appropriate for all ages. No technical language is even used, which serves as a tool to keep the reader’s interest and content very appropriate for all ages! Even the vocabulary chosen is extraordinary and suits all ranges of readers.

    As an ACE member, I find this book to be very awesome for the general enthusiast audience. For the die hard enthusiasts of roller coasters/theme parks, the technical language is absent, and roller coasters are not covered in detail as one would hope for (especially the smaller parks). However, this book is great for you even if you were looking for that type of content. This book is impressive with great historical details, and is loaded with lots of pictures. I would highly recommend this book to all who need a theme park book with historical content mixed with the modern! This book certainly deserves an overall “excellent” rating of 5/5!