VHS_A-ETopTenWildestRides[VHS: A&E Home Video – 2000 – 50 mins]. Hosted by Robb Weller and Andrea Joyce. Put on your seat belt and experience America’s top ten wildest thrill rides. [10]= “Big Shot” (Las Vegas) with Jack Morris – Ride Engineering Manager. [9]= “Desperado” (Buffalo Bill’s) with Tony Williams – Director of Rides and Attractions. [8]= “Sky Coaster” (Florida) with Gregory Lauzon – FamilyFun magazine, and Bill Kitchen – Ride Owner. [7]= “Texas Giant” (Six Flags Over Texas) with Gary Slade – Amusement Today. [6]= “Stealth” (Paramount’s Great America) with Gayle Ando – Park General Manager, and Anthony Esparza – Paramount Parks. [5]= “Incredible Hulk” (Islands of Adventure) with Marc Watson – Director: Universal Creative. [4]= “Goliath” (Six Flags Magic Mountain) with Ric Turner – ACE. [3]= The “Beast” & “Son of Beast” (Paramount’s Kings Island) with Tiffany Hines – rider. [2]= “GhostRider” (Knott’s Berry Farm) with Garrison White – rider. [1]= “Millennium Force” (Cedar Point) with David Escalante – ACE, etc. ANDY SHINE SAYS: I enjoyed this programme. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.