RollerCoasterAmericanThriller[Book: Adam Sandy – 2002 – 23x30cm – 74 Pages – Few B&W images and photos]. “Who would have thought that Russian ice slides created for Catherine the Great would spawn a child that can be found in countless forms today, providing a release for people the world over? Its history is dramatic, featuring dynamic characters who designed some of the most thrilling machines. It’s amazing that these rides have affected so many people in so many different ways. Every time I ride a roller coaster, I get the same feeling I felt during my first experience – one of pure euphoria.” Chapter Points: The Birth of a Thrill; The Roaring Twenties; Coney Island; The Great Depression; Designers: Harry Guy Traver, Walter Elias Disney, Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Thomas Prior and Frederick Church, National Amusement Device; Sixties Amusement Parks; The Late Seventies; The Eighties; Nineties Steel Coasters; Revival of the Wooden Coasters; Bibliography. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.