DVD_Achterbahn[DVD: Rohfilm/Strandfilm – 2009 – 88 mins +9 mins bonus film]. Showman Norbert Witte aims to expand Berlin’s Spreepark into the largest amusement park in the republic. But things don’t turn out as expected and the amusement park goes bankrupt and closes. Norbert sits with his family, Mrs. Pia, son Marcel and daughter Sabrina and decides to pack up what rides they can and flee to Peru to establish a permanent ‘Luna Park’ fairground. But things don’t go well there either. Out of desperation, Norbert gets involved with the Peruvian drugs mafia and attempts to transport 175 kilos of cocaine into Germany hidden inside the supports of the Flying Carpet ride. But the concealed cargo is discovered following a tip-off and Marcel is arrested in Peru. While Norbert serves his mild punishment in Berlin, Marcel is sentenced to 20 years in one of the most dangerous and harshest prisons in the world. Achterbahn (Roller Coaster) is a documentary film with everything: tension, tragedy, dazzling figures and a story like an adventure romance. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Norbert Witte, Pia Witte, Sabrina Witte, Marcel Witte and others tell their story in this incredibly thought-provoking documentary film. We see much of Spreepark during good times and bad. The bonus film shows Norbert Witte talking to camera with occasional footage from inside the deserted Spreepark. The spoken language is German with optional English subtitles. The bonus film is not subtitled. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.