[Book: Seph Lawless – 2017 – 22x29cm – 226 Pages – Full colour]. “Huffington Post called him ‘a master of the abandoned’ – and for good reason. The ‘artivist’ known only as Seph Lawless has spent the past ten years photo-documenting the America that was left behind in the throes of economic instability and overall decline – decrepit shopping malls, houses, factories, even amusement parks. Through more than two hundred gorgeous and elegiac photographs, Abandoned details Lawless’s journey into what was once the very heart of American entertainment: the amusement park. Lawless visits deserted parks across the country, capturing in stark detail their dilapidated state, natural overgrowth, and obvious duality of sad and playful symbolism. Previously self-published as Bizarro, this updated edition of Lawless’s photographic tribute to decaying American amusement parks contains new content and a new foreword. For the first time, the famed photojournalist makes this collection of moving amusement park photographs available in a stunning trade edition.” Chapter Points: Foreword (by Aaron Smith, CNN Journalist); Six Flags Amusement Park (New Orleans, Louisiana 2003–2005); Disney World’s Discovery Island and River Country (1974–1999 and 1976–2001 respectively, Orlando, Florida); Joyland Amusement Park (Wichita, Kansas 1949–2006); Dogpatch USA (Marble Falls, Arkansas 1968–1993); Fun Spot Amusement Park and Zoo (Angola, Indiana 1956–2008); Bushkill Amusement Park (Easton, Pennsylvania 1902–2004); Land of Oz (Beech Mountain, North Carolina 1970–1980); Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (Lake Shawnee, West Virginia 1926–1966); Geauga Lake Amusement Park (Aurora, Ohio 1887–2005); Spreepark (Berlin, Germany 1969–2002); Chippewa Lake Amusement Park (Chippewa Lake, Ohio 1898–1969); Enchanted Forest Playland (Toledo, Ohio 2000–2005); Prehistoric Forest (Onstead, Michigan 1963–C. 2002). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.