SeattlesLunaParkIoA[Book: Aaron J. Naff – 2011 – 17x24cm – 130 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Luna Park (Seattle, Washington) emerged on the north end of Alki Beach during the golden age of American amusement parks. The park introduced the city to a host of novel attractions: Pleasure-seekers rode shimmering horses, thundered down the roller coaster, and marvelled at daredevils and sideshows. There were games to be played and prizes to be won. Though open only briefly, Luna Park remains a vibrant piece of Seattle’s history. Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Seattle’s Coney Island; The Nation’s Greatest Playground on the Pacific Coast; Pioneer of the Coney Island Style [Charles I.D. Looff]; The Wild Scotsman [Llewellyn Guy Mecklem]; The Longest Bar on the Bay; The Cost of Big Amusement; Last of Luna Park; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • Derek Sailors

    This park was a rather small attraction with a short life. The park had little attractions and rides. Lots of darkness surrounded it with lawsuits and court battles. The existence of this park seemed to fall short. I felt the same way with this book. Not the author’s fault or the publisher’s fault but more so the park itself. Unlike many great parks of the past such as Euclid Beach, West View and Riverside, I did not have that ‘wow I want to go back in time and visit this place’ feeling with this park while reading the book as I have most other books I have read of late. I did enjoy learning more about Charles Looff and his beginnings. I would have to rate this book a 6.5/10.