DVD_RealScience[DVD: 4 Ventures Limited – 2003 – 150 mins]. 6×25 minute programmes. Real Science is a stimulating and thought-provoking series that gives insight into how science works in the real world, revealing what is at the core of many human activities. How do theme park rides give you an adrenalin rush but also manage to keep you safe? How do bodies cope with the pressures of being in a jet plane, or escaping from a submarine? Programme 1= Incriminating Evidence, 2= Roller Coaster, 3= Outbreak, 4= Pushing the Limits, 5= That’s My Baby, 6= Wannabe Biker. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This features Thorpe Park (England) and their Colossus roller coaster to reveal the physical, mechanical and psychological forces that make the coaster the king of thrill rides. With input from those who know coasters best: John Wardley (designer), Otto Meier (Intamin AG), Andrew Hine (Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain), and coaster enthusiast KerryAnn Bestow. See how coasters are designed using the very latest software. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.