DVD_1939NYWorldsFair3-4[DVD: The Historical Archive Corporation – 2006 – two disks = 212 mins]. (continued from above) “…The Fair was themed and divided into different “zones” (a transportation Zone, a Communications Zone, and so forth). The wildly popular Amusements Area was not integrated into the thematic matrix, and was a mere Area rather than a Zone. The zones were distinguished by many subtle cues, including differently coloured lighting. The “Theme Center” consisted of two landmark monumental buildings named the Trylon and Perisphere…” ANDY SHINE SAYS: This programme features on-screen captions and shows many of the fair’s exhibits. The amusements area is detailed, including sideshows and brief shots of the “Cyclone” wooden roller coaster and more extensive footage of the other rides. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.