DVD_1939NYWorldsFair1-2[DVD: The Historical Archive Corporation – 2006 – two disks = 175 mins]. “The 1939 New York World’s fair, located on the current site of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was one of the largest world’s fairs of all time. Many different countries participated in it, and over 25 million people attended its exhibits. The fair allowed all visitors to take a look at “The World of Tomorrow.” The fair was open for two seasons, and was officially closed forever on 27 October, 1940. It attracted over 45 million visitors and generated roughly $48 million in revenue. Since the Fair Corporation had invested $67 million (in addition to one hundred million dollars from other sources), it was, in fact, an economic failure, and the Corporation declared bankruptcy…” ANDY SHINE SAYS: This listing continues below.