One of the initial things to do when you try upholstery and carpet cleaning is to identify what type of a fabric requires cleaning. With that being said, upholstery materials range from leather and suede to faux leather, as well as cloth made of either synthetic or natural fibers. As a matter of fact, some of these can actually be colorfast, that means that they can be thoroughly cleaned without worrying about any fading. In addition to that, other types of fabric that are not colorfast could fade or spot if a cleaning agent is applied on it. That is the reason why knowing your upholstery will definitely help you determine products that are specifically manufactured to clean your upholstery or carpet material without putting any concerns about the fading or blotching of the material. 


Another thing you need to take into account is the period of time which stains have been there. Furthermore, a stain that occurred is basically easy to fix, because it gives no time for the stain to settle into the cloth fiber. Nonetheless, one that has been there for a long period of time will be tougher to get rid of and could require to hire a professional and experienced upholstery or carpet cleaning service provider to eliminate the stain. Knowing how much effort would be required to get rid of the stain will actually help you know what products to use and the steps on how to get rid of it. 

There are actually commercial products that are available aside from the basic formulas that can be done with the use of the daily household cleaning agents. On new grease stains, talcum powder and salt will help absorb the grease as well as stop the stain from penetrating into the deep fibers. A water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid solution, on the other hand, will make a basic upholstery cleaning agent as well, that is very good on coffee stains. Also, mold can be eliminated by mixing bleach and hydrogen peroxide. However, when these remedies don’t work, there is a chance that one of the commercial cleaning solutions will do the work. 

Keep in mind to always test your upholstery or carpet cleaning agent first prior to putting it to your whole upholstery material. Find a portion that is not quite visible and apply a little amount of the cleaner. This will determine whether the cleaning solution damages your upholstery. If no damage or fading happen, then the possibilities are great that the product is very safe to use. 

How to Remove Stubborn Stains 

Getting your white carpet stained can really spoil your mood. Well, the powerful machines and the professional cleaning tips used are unmatched however, you should still hire a professional and experienced carpet care and maintenance service provider such as Carpet Cleaning Grand Rapids at least once per year. However, if your carpets have water damage, an expert water damage service provider can actually help you with your problem but for the mean time, you may follow some of these tips: 

  • Act immediately as soon as you see that your carpet is dirty 
  • Don’t scrub the stains. Gently blot instead 
  • Blot again using a piece paper towel 
  • Rinse 
  • Dry it out